"Jasmine is an extraordinary talent. Focused, diligent, incredibly hard-working, creative, and collaborative. She always goes the extra mile to help and has a brilliant knack of communicating her thoughts clearly and concisely without being pushy or egotistical. A rare combination! She turns around notes at a frightening pace but always with the right level of care and consideration. Her academic background is of huge help to the screenwriting process too as she brings such a fervent knowledge of history, politics, and the English Language to the room. It was a joy and a privilege to work with her.

Richard Gadd

"Jasmine helped me enormously. She had such a deep knowledge of the book, and was able to translate her profound insight with great clarity and creativity. I really valued her instinct and knowledge about what felt vital to preserve from the original work, whilst simultaneously offering a very modern and vivid perspective. I believe her deep intellect paired with an emotional sensitivity gives her a rare ability for storytelling. I would highly recommend Jasmine’s work as a script editor and look forward to working with her in the future.

Lily James

"Jasmine was a godsend. I'd got my project to the point where I just didn't know how to take it any further. She helped with both content and structure, aiding me in making decisions without being overbearing. We made amazing progress in a very short amount of time. She'll be straight on board for the next project!"

Victoria Oak